Wild, Natural & Sustainable Alaska Seafood

When you choose Alaska's wild, delicious and healthy seafood, you support the generations of fishing communities working hard, sustainably and responsibly to bring a world-class protein to your plate today and for years to come.

Let’s Make it an Alaska #SeafoodSunday

Home cooking is about more than sustenance, it’s about happiness. A homemade meal is one of life’s small joys, giving everyone a chance to try a new recipe, express themselves creatively through food or find comfort in a favorite dish. Make Alaska seafood a part of your #SeafoodSunday or weekday routine with these simple recipes and resources like tips from our guest chefs and recipe roundups for every occasion from a cozy brunch with friends, to a big family dinner or a quick and healthy meal in.

As the nation’s largest source of domestic seafood, Alaska Seafood is launching #SeafoodSunday to invite us all to enjoy more wild seafood together.

#SeafoodSunday Recipe Roundups

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Prep and Cook

Want to learn how to filet a fish, steam crab, sauté salmon, or Cook It Frozen®? Find these, and more tips and tricks to cook Alaska seafood like a pro.

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