Contest Winners

Winners for the 2015 SWAP Meat for Alaska Professional Chef Recipe Contest

1ST place Winner $2,500 Prize

Alaska Salmon Osso Buco

by Chef Adam Hegstad,
Wandering Table, Spokane, WA
Chef Adam Hegsted, chef and owner of The Wandering Table at Kendall Yards in Spokane, WA won first place with his recipe for Salmon Osso Buco. A long-time fan of Alaska seafood, he chose wild Alaska Sockeye salmon in place of veal. The winning dish is already being served at the Chef’s Table and it was enjoyed by all. He plans to add it to the restaurant menu in the fall.

“We always try to push ourselves to reinvent traditional items and put different flavors together, so the Swap Meat Recipe Contest was a perfect fit,” said Chef Hegsted. “I have always preferred Alaska seafood and the salmon lends itself well to this dish with more fat for braising. It looks like a typical Osso Buco but, when you bite into it, you are positively surprised.”

He is currently serving the Alaska Salmon Osso Buco during special chef’s tastings at his restaurant and plans to add it to the restaurant menu this fall.

Hegsted received his culinary education at the Seattle Institute of Art and has won many regional and national awards. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and his specialty is local game, wild fruits, vegetables and locally-grown produce.