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Support Alaska and Alaskans when you choose Alaska seafood

Food security and safety are essential, now more than ever. When you choose Alaska's wild, delicious and healthy seafood, you support the generations of sustainable fishing communities working hard, safely and responsibly to put food on your plate today and for years to come.

Find wild Alaska seafood at your local grocery store - just look for the Alaska Seafood logo, Alaska origin or #AskforAlaska. You can also order Alaska seafood dishes to go from your favorite restaurant, or purchase seafood online directly from Alaska’s fishermen and fishing companies.

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Ask for Alaska

If you don’t see Alaska seafood at your local store or restaurant, ask for it!

Tag your summer seafood posts with the hashtag #AskForAlaska to help spread the word.

Look for the Logo

World class seafood is right here at home. Look for the Alaska Seafood logo on the menu, on packaging or at the seafood case to ensure you’re getting wild and delicious seafood from Alaska.

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Eat Alaska

Eat like an Alaskan chef, fisherman and local with these recipes from our collection of Alaskan favorites with locally sourced ingredients.

Do you sell and support Alaska seafood? Find out how you can make your message go further with our Choose Alaska Toolkit, featuring social media posts, videos, messaging and information on accessing the Alaska Seafood logo.

Generations of Sustainability

Generations of families and communities rely on and participate in Alaska’s commercial seafood industry.

Many of Alaska's 9000+ fishing boats represent a small, family owned and operated business.

Supporting Communities

Alaska’s coastal communities are a critical component of the seafood industry. Harvesters, processors, fuel suppliers, power companies, machinists, shipyards, transportation and grocers are all part of the economic ecosystem supported by the seafood industry. Alaska’s fishing families, companies and communities are committed to keeping communities healthy and safe while harvesting healthy protein to feed the world. Alaska’s abundant seafood resource provides irreplaceable access to livelihood and food security for Alaskans, Americans, and millions around the world.

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Ben / Salmon Harvester

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Dave / Salmon Harvester

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Mark / Halibut Harvester

Portrait of a fisherman

Bonny / Sablefish Harvester

Driving The Economy

Alaska’s seafood industry is the largest private sector employer in the state, supporting almost 60,000 direct jobs and delivering roughly 6.4 billion pounds of wild sustainable seafood to consumers every year. Alaska harvests more wild seafood in the U.S. than the rest of the states combined.


The seafood industry directly employs nearly 60,000 workers, employing more workers than any other private sector industry in Alaska, and is the foundation of many rural communities.


The seafood industry contributed $5.6 billion in economic output to Alaska’s economy in 2017/2018.


The seafood industry brought in over $172 million in revenue for state and local governments in 2018.

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