Katie Miller

Salmon (seiner)
"When you are on the water, all other distractions fall away, and everything centralizes on boat life. It is a very moment-by-moment existence, and I like the simplicity of that."

What makes fishing in Alaska special to you?
It is a way to feel more connected to the intricate patterns of the wildlife and other resources that thrive in our state.

What does a sustainable fishery mean to you?
A sustainable fishery is one that keeps future generations in mind while making responsible decisions in the present. Proper management of habitats, escapement, fishing regulations, and hatcheries all play a part in creating a model that can continue on in years to come.

What’s your favorite way to prepare and eat the fish you catch?
Fresh fish is amazing when grilled, but I also really enjoy smoking some of the fillets that I save for the wintertime

What do you love about Alaska?
Though certain areas of the state are more developed than others, I love that a large majority of the state is still quite remote. The untamed quality here is something I have yet to find anywhere else.