Serves 2
Prep Time 0 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes

2 whole pieces (60 g) Seasoned Alaska Kazunoko herring roe
150 g Silken tofu
3 pieces green onion                        


2 tsp sesame paste                    
1 tsp sesame oil                    
1/4 tsp salt                            

*If available, use Chinese sesame sauce instead of sesame paste and do without sesame oil.


1. Cook the green onion in boiling water in a pan until softened. Immerse it in cold water, squeeze out moisture and cut them in 4 cm lengths.
2. Cut the herring roe in around 2 to 3 cm lengths.
3. Crush the tofu on a paper towel, put a paper towel over it to squeeze out moisture. Put the crushed tofu in a bowl, mix with a whisk until smooth. Add the dressing ingredients and mix further to make a smooth dressing.
4. Dress the herring roe and green onion with the dressing and serve in a small bowl.