Contest closed on June 1, 2015. Winners will be announced soon.

Prizes and General description

There are three chances to win!

1st place $2,500
2nd place $1,000
3rd place $500

It’s simple to enter:

  • Be a working professional chef/cook.
  • Identify a non-seafood protein dish that you regularly or seasonally menu or create an original recipe. It can be across any daypart, menupart.
  • Swap out that protein and replace it with one of Alaska’s many species of seafood, e.g. Chicken Picatta becomes Alaska Cod Picatta, Beef Sliders become Alaska Salmon Sliders, Spicy Beef with Sesame Noodles becomes Seared Spicy Alaska Sole with Sesame Noodles, Chicken Kabobs become Pistachio-Crusted Alaska Halibut Kabobs, Chicken Tortilla Soup becomes Alaska Snow Crab Tortilla Soup. You get the idea.

Eligible Alaska seafood species

  • Salmon – king, sockeye, coho, keta, pink
  • Whitefish – pollock, cod, halibut, sablefish/black cod, rockfish, sole/flounder, surimi seafood
  • Shellfish – crab (king, snow or dungeness), weathervane scallops, spot prawns

Entry Form

Click Here for entry form


  1. All entrants and recipes must meet the contest criteria to be eligible for judging. Entrants and/or recipe entries failing to meet these criteria will be disqualified, effective immediately upon Alaska Seafood Marketing Institutes’ knowledge of such failure. All eligible recipes will be judged “blindly” to ensure objectivity, through the following process:
  2. One (1) culinary professional will select the top twenty (20) recipes based on the following criteria:
    • Fit with Swap Meat Concept/Creativity (40%) – Recipes will be judged for use of Alaska seafood in creative ways for fitting the Swap Meat concept.
    • Recipe Accuracy/Methodology (40%) – Recipes must have a clear, concise list of ingredients in order of use with proper sequence and proper Alaska seafood preparation.
    • Applicability on Restaurant Menu (20%) – Recipes will be judged for actual likelihood of being menued.
  3.  A team of trained culinarians will evaluate the top twenty (20) recipes previously selected using the criteria above, to determine the five (5) finalists.
  4. The recipes of the five (5) finalists will be prepared by a professionally trained chef and the three prize winners will be chosen by members of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s foodservice staff based on:
    • Flavor (60%)
    • Creativity/Originality (30%)
    • Visual Appeal (10%)


Click Here for rules